Studies on Humanistic Buddhism IV:Human Life

Miao Guang, Juewei (co-editors)
Fo Guang Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Studies on Humanistic Buddhism IV: Human Life contains eight translated articles, two original articles, two commentaries, and a perspective piece all relating to human life. Human life is a topic with a vast scope. It was chosen because it is central to Humanistic Buddhism. As several articles in this volume and previous volumes discuss, Humanistic Buddhism developed as a response to the perception that Buddhism no longer related directly to human life. By the nineteenth century in China, Buddhism was seen to provide what came to be mainly perfunctory rituals to be performed upon the death of a family member. Humanistic Buddhism revived Buddhism as an intrinsic part of daily life.

Table of Contents
Editor's Preface:Human Life
Michael Murphy
The Relationship between Buddhism and Life
Venerable Zhu Mo
Founder, Triple Wisdom Hall
Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s Perspective on Humanistic Buddhism’s Life Education
Tan Jie
Professor, Hubei Engineering University
A Modern Interpretation of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s Belief that ‘Life Does Not Die'
Shih Huei-kai
Professor, Graduate Institute of Religious Studies and Department of Life and Death Studies, Nanhua University
Buddhism and Hospice Care
Zheng Xiaojiang
Director, the Institute of Ethics and Life, Nanchang University
Objectively Validating the Practice of Humanistic Buddhism
Chen I-Biau
Professor, Fo Guang University
The Value of the Buddhism Practiced by Fo Guang Shan
Liu Chengyou
Professor, Minzu University of China
The Concept of Wealth in Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s Humanistic Buddhism
Han Chengcai
PhD Candidate, Institute of Religious Studies, Capital Normal University
Human World Buddhism at Fo Guang Shan: Localising Anthropocentric Dharma
Bee Scherer
Professor, Intersectional Centre for Inclusion and Social Justice, Canterbury, UK
The Buddhist Nationalism in Master Fafang’s Thought
Yu Sang
Postdoctoral Candidate, The Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
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